SWTOR: Redemption [Episode II: Path to Fort Garnik]

Path to Forth Garnik:

Welcome back to Redemption. Follow Teufel-hunden as he fights his way to Fort Garnik, taking out a few pesky snipers on the way as he looks for his lost eye.

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About gunnymundy
Gunnery Sergeant Mundy, now retired from his exploits in the Marine Corps, has built himself a nice cozy little home somewhere in Idaho. Finding life a little less exciting then he's used too, (he misses the good stuff, like explosions and knife fights) he has taken it upon himself to spruce it up a bit by offering his specialized insights and know-how to the rest of the neophyte's by teaching them how to Marine Proof life. What you may expect! A little humor. A little politics. A little tutorial. A little satire. A little Star Wars and Nutella! Hoorah!

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