Gunny Mundy

All right, listen up.

This here is Gunny Mundy, and this is my hole in the web. I appreciate you stopping by and I know, this aint much of a first post, but I’d like to at least inform you that I am indeed here and will be posting articles for your torture or enjoyment soon. Or if you would prefer, you can follow the Gunny on Google+. Until then, hoorah!

You may return to your game of Minecraft now.

That is all.




About gunnymundy
Gunnery Sergeant Mundy, now retired from his exploits in the Marine Corps, has built himself a nice cozy little home somewhere in Idaho. Finding life a little less exciting then he's used too, (he misses the good stuff, like explosions and knife fights) he has taken it upon himself to spruce it up a bit by offering his specialized insights and know-how to the rest of the neophyte's by teaching them how to Marine Proof life. What you may expect! A little humor. A little politics. A little tutorial. A little satire. A little Star Wars and Nutella! Hoorah!

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